Picking The Right Self-Storage Facility And Choosing The Right Locks To Keep Your Valuables Secure

Self-storage facilities can be popular targets for thieves; self-storage units may contain valuable electronics, antique jewelry, important documents (for identity theft) or other high-value items. Thankfully, there are a few steps that you can take to make sure your self-storage unit is as secure as possible.. Make sure that the self-storage facility itself features good security practices so that it does not become an attractive target for criminals. Choosing the correct type of lock is important; disc locks are supported by practically all self-storage facilities, are inexpensive and are very secure compared to alternatives such as padlocks.

Planning A Move? 4 Time-Saving Tips To Make Packing Easier And Safer

Now that you've found the perfect house, it's time to start preparing for the move. The hardest part about moving is the packing. First, you need to make sure that everything is safe and secure so that it all arrives at your new home in one piece. Second, you need to make sure that your essential items are easy to find once you get there. Here are four sure-fire ways to make packing safer, and easier:

Four Tasks You Should Not Put Off Upon Moving In

Moving into a new home is both exciting and overwhelming. Once you've relocated, there is still so much to do, from unpacking to meeting the neighbors. You don't have to do everything immediately, but there are a few tasks you should not put off upon moving in. Review your moving company. Moving companies rely on reviews from their customers in order to find new customers. Leaving them an honest review is the best way to show your appreciation for their service.

How To Prepare A Dresser For A Move

Dressers are one of the largest pieces of furniture within your home, and their unwieldy size and heavy weight means that dressers are likely to become damaged while in transit if you are moving to a new home. Thankfully, there are a few simple things that you can do to properly pack and protect your dresser for moving day. Break it Down The first thing that you should do when prepping your dresser for a move is to break it down and remove all of the extra parts that you possibly can.

Hiring Movers? 4 Things You Don't Want To Do

While you may be able to save money moving yourself to your new home, you may prefer to simply hire a good local moving company. If you do go this route, though, you need to know that this is a very important decision. To assist you in making a good hiring decision, here are four things that you won't want to do: 1. Only Get One Quote from a Single Moving Company.